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After a stint working in press agencies as a documentalist, I discovered photography and after a very short time it became my passion.


In 2009, I began my first photography courses and a year later I completed a Masters in “New realism, new documentalism” at the EFTI school in Madrid.


In 2011, I worked as a freelance photographer in marketing, publicity and social photography.


Such is my dedication to photography that I started to combine my professional and personal work with teaching courses in Madrid.


Beginning of 2012, I moved to Nyon (Switzerland). No sooner arrived, I contacted a few local associations with which I started to collaborate as a volunteer photographer (Fondation Eduki,

Terragir, J'aime ma Planete, Azimut FM, FILMAR, Les Hivernales).


In May 2013, I won third prize at a local competition “Insolite

nature in the city of Nyon”, which was a way to integrate my

adopted community.

In the middle of 2013, I started working sporadically for the daily newspaper “Quotidien de La Côte”.


Since 2015 until now, I work full time for the above mentioned media.


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